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  • Sony ICD-TX650B Digital V

    Sony ICD-TX650B Digital Voice Recorder 99.99

    Record your most important business meetings or interviews on the Sony ICDTX650B Digital Voice Recorder . Business ready Ideal for busy professionals, the ICDTX650B Dictaphone gives you instant recording and is small enough to clip onto your pocket for easy, hands-free recording. A va ...

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  • Panasonic DMP-UB900EBK Sm

    Panasonic DMP-UB900EBK Smart 4k Ultra HD 3D Blu-ray Player DMP-UB900EBK 453

    - Plays the latest 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, Full HD Blu-ray and DVD with 4K upscaling - HDR compatible - Dramatically increases contrast ratio and colour palette - High end audio components deliver incredible sound quality - 4K on-demand streaming with Netflix and Amazon Instant video 4k ...

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  • Canon Angle Finder C

    Canon Angle Finder C 199.99

    Achieve racing and sporting shots that are closer to the ground with ease when you use this Canon Angle Finder C , which is an ideal accessory for your Canon EOS SLR cameras. Your photography standards won't slip as you can still keep a good eye on your subject matter with two and a h ...

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  • Canon EW-73B Lens Hood -

    Canon EW-73B Lens Hood - Black 29.99

    You can utilise natural light whilst shooting outdoors with this Canon EW-73B lens hood, which will prevent glare and stray light from altering your photography. This lens hood is ideal for the Canon EF-S 17-85 mm lens, and as a genuine Canon accessory, you can ensure a secure attachm ...

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  • Canon EW-83J Lens Hood

    Canon EW-83J Lens Hood 49.99

    Prevent damage caused by dust and scratches when you use this Canon EW-83J Lens Hood - compatible with Canon EF-S 17-55mm lens. Enhance your photography and ensure the best possible lighting with this lens hood, as it minimises the effects of stray light and glare. This is particularl ...

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  • GoXtreme Power Control Fu

    GoXtreme Power Control Full HD Action Camera White 75.75

    GoXtreme Power Control Full HDRide the elements!Now you have the control at your fingertips: Whether you are indulge in spectacular stunts or glide at dizzying heights - with the ultra compact remote control on your wrist you decide what moment counts. So you never miss the crucial mo ...

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  • VIVITAR SP-704 Wide Angle

    VIVITAR SP-704 Wide Angle Lens Kit 12.99

    Expand the capabilities of your smartphone's camera with the Vivitar SP-704 Wide Angle Lens Kit . This Lens Kit comes with a simple attachment which clips over your smartphone to hold the lens in place, making it suitable for all smartphones with a rear camera. Ideal for landscapes an ...

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  • LENSPEN DSLR Cleaning Kit

    LENSPEN DSLR Cleaning Kit 19.99

    The Lenspen DSLR Cleaning Kit includes all the tools you need to keep your camera, lens and filters clean and well-maintained. Pristine photography This handy cleaning kit includes the award-winning Lenspen original cleaning pen and a FilterKlear pen for effectively removing dust, mar ...

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  • Gifts Immerse Plus: Virtu

    Gifts Immerse Plus: Virtual Reality Headset - Multi 30

    Virtual Reality Headset, 3D compatible virtual reality headset, Designed to work with your Smartphone, Inbuilt extendable phone holder, Fits devices measuring between 4-6 inches wide, Foam eye cushion for comfort, Adjustable lenses and head strap, Removable window for augmented realit ...

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  • Sony ICDPX333D.CE7 Digita

    Sony ICDPX333D.CE7 Digital Voice Recorder - Black 59.99

    Record high quality sound with the Sony ICDPX333D.CE7 Digital Voice Recorder . Choose the type of recording you want to capture with the ICDPX333D.CE7 Digital Voice Recorder 's optimised settings. Whether it be music, a meeting, an interview or dictation, Sony have created the perfect ...

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  • Sony ICD-PX240 Digital Vo

    Sony ICD-PX240 Digital Voice Recorder - Black 44.99

    Whether you're recording an interview or a lecture, the Sony ICD-PX240 Digital Voice Recorder helps you to accurately capture audio. Plenty of recording space The ICD-PX240 lets you capture MP3 recordings, which can be played back using the 300 mW speaker. With 4 GB of memory built in ...

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  • Canon EW83E Lens Hood

    Canon EW83E Lens Hood 29.99

    The Canon EW83E Lens Hood maximises the hood coverage and prevents stray light from hitting the lens to reduce glare - improving the composition. The petal shaped hood has a lightweight form that doesn't tamper with lens balance. It's designed to match the specific focal length of the ...

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  • Sennheiser PC320
  • Sony PX440 Digital Voice

    Sony PX440 Digital Voice Recorder - Black 44.99

    Choose the black Sony PX440 Digital Voice Recorder for reliable audio recording and playback. Packed full of features The Sony PX440 Digital Voice Recorder comes loaded with intelligent functionality to make everything you do easier. From noise reduction to low-cut filter to scene sel ...

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  • Canon ML-67 Lens Macrolit

    Canon ML-67 Lens Macrolite Adapter 32.99

    Attach macro flashes to your compatible lenses with the Canon ML-67 Lens Macrolite Adapter . You'll be able to precisely and tastefully illuminate close-up scenes of small subjects without needing a full or obtrusive lighting kit. It's designed to fit most 67 mm lens threads, and is c ...

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  • Skullcandy Crusher w/Mic

    Skullcandy Crusher w/Mic Over-Ear white 101.78

    Skullcandy Crusher w/Mic Over-Ear white Sensation55 Driver - The Sensation55 is Skullcandy's patent-pending bass extension driver. Through this driver, the Crusher delivers a powerful and realistic bass experience that transforms your audio into bass you can feel. REX40 Driver - The R ...

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  • GoPro Anti Fog Inserts

    GoPro Anti Fog Inserts 27.8

    Prevent your camera s housing from fogging, even in cold temperatures/humid environments. Great value and performance: includes 3 sets of anti-fog inserts. Each set lasts 4-5 uses and can be dried in an oven (3 minutes) and used again. What s Included: 3 Sets of Anti-Fog Inserts ...

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  • Canon Lens Macrolite Adap

    Canon Lens Macrolite Adapter 29.99

    The Canon Lens Macrolite Adapter enables you to attach macrolites to select lenses with a 67 mm filter thread. Please take a look at the compatibility to see what lenses are suitable for the macro flash attachment. ...

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  • Canon UV Haze Lens Filter

    Canon UV Haze Lens Filter 19.99

    The Canon UV Haze Lens Filter provides a solid layer of protection, shielding your costly lens from dirt, dust and scratches. The 58 mm diameter UV Haze Lens Filter is easy to screw on and absorbs UV rays to improve the quality of your photos. ...

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  • Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Wa

    Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Walnut Speakers 249

    This latest generation of Bronze 2 is arguably the best yet. This is a truly complete speaker for the money WhatHiFi- 2015. New Bronze: Purity and Precision for the Price of an Ordinary Speaker. Monitor Audio?s story is intertwined with the evolution of our world-famous speaker lines. ...

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